good news, everyone! (7950) wrote,
good news, everyone!

tell me what all this sighing's about?

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, my acrid ambrosia of the gods, how I love and hate thee...

if you were to open up the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, what you'd see staring you in the face is a bottle of Prolab 200mg caffeine pills. if you were to open the bottle up, you'd see that most of them are in pieces, because I find 200mg to be an excessive amount and I bite them up and put pieces back (GROSS I know but I don't care.) I'm convinced that caffeine would be illegal if more people knew you could buy bottles, nay, bags of it, and take it whenever you want without having to brew up some coffee which may or may not taste like liquified death. to think! energy on the go.

maybe that's the solution to the mystifying illegality of marijuana...just legalize cannabutter so people can put it on their morning bagels and feel less stressed out, without feeling like they're deviants for smoking it? (on the other hand, the result would probably be "this butter isn't doing anything, I better put on more" followed in another hour by "HOLY SHIT WTF HAVE I DONE??!!")

I know caffeine isn't good for me. I often stop, feel like shit for 2 weeks, feel okay for another 2 weeks, then start again when I have a huge test I need to study for. I'm pretty certain I will not get through the next 2 years of my education without caffeine, so I don't know why I even bother trying. me and every other student out there, really. as far as I can tell the only ones who don't drink coffee are the ones who can't. I don't retain any information from morning classes without it, because I am so extremely not a morning person. but gosh, do I wish I could focus before 12 pm without it. actually...even my one night class benefits from caffeine :/ something about school makes me extremely tired, it's like just walking onto campus is a sleeping pill. even learning "fun" and "interesting" stuff like the fact that mayfly penises are shovel-shaped (today's bio lecture) doesn't perk me up.
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