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good news, everyone!
23 April 2012 @ 01:42 am
fucking red wings got fucking ELIMINATED. and playoff games are like the highlight of my springtime :( now instead of having wings games to look forward to, i only have Game of Thrones, and that only happens once a week :( i'm so mad i could just slap Jack Gleeson!

good news, everyone!
28 January 2012 @ 09:40 am

i would add his video to my favorites for hours, if you know what i mean.
good news, everyone!
06 January 2012 @ 09:15 pm
When I watch TEDTalks: "I really should be doing something with my life."

When I watch Hoarders: "I really should be cleaning my apartment."

When I watch 19 Kids & Counting: "WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!"



I knew xmas break wasn't going to last forever, but I certainly wished it would.

This semester, I will put effort into my labs. I would never have gotten that B+ in chemistry lab if I had prepared for class more. I could have looked up the answers to half the questions and filled them in before class, but I always procrastinated. Fuck me in half with a rubber duckie.
good news, everyone!
Things I need but can't afford: A warm winter coat and a pair of warm winter boots.

Things I want but really can't afford: A laptop, a camera, a printer that wasn't designed by Satan.

Really looking forward to: Winter break.

Will settle for: Thanksgiving break.

Fucking amazing: Melancholia

Fucking hilarious: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Please turn off this goddamn twaddle: The Thing

Should be doing: Homework

Instead am doing: Skyrim
good news, everyone!
this is how i feel about daylight savings time:

i am always up for more SLEEP
good news, everyone!
03 November 2011 @ 01:45 am
in 8 hours I'm going to fail a chemistry exam. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I've been so. fucking. busy. this week. I had no time to study at all. fuck.

I feel like I'm a few steps away from a guillotine - a guillotine called balanced chemical equations.

did you know there are more atoms in a cup of water than there are stars in the universe?

good news, everyone!
27 October 2011 @ 10:34 pm
Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, my acrid ambrosia of the gods, how I love and hate thee...

if you were to open up the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, what you'd see staring you in the face is a bottle of Prolab 200mg caffeine pills. if you were to open the bottle up, you'd see that most of them are in pieces, because I find 200mg to be an excessive amount and I bite them up and put pieces back (GROSS I know but I don't care.) I'm convinced that caffeine would be illegal if more people knew you could buy bottles, nay, bags of it, and take it whenever you want without having to brew up some coffee which may or may not taste like liquified death. to think! energy on the go.

maybe that's the solution to the mystifying illegality of marijuana...just legalize cannabutter so people can put it on their morning bagels and feel less stressed out, without feeling like they're deviants for smoking it? (on the other hand, the result would probably be "this butter isn't doing anything, I better put on more" followed in another hour by "HOLY SHIT WTF HAVE I DONE??!!")

I know caffeine isn't good for me. I often stop, feel like shit for 2 weeks, feel okay for another 2 weeks, then start again when I have a huge test I need to study for. I'm pretty certain I will not get through the next 2 years of my education without caffeine, so I don't know why I even bother trying. me and every other student out there, really. as far as I can tell the only ones who don't drink coffee are the ones who can't. I don't retain any information from morning classes without it, because I am so extremely not a morning person. but gosh, do I wish I could focus before 12 pm without it. actually...even my one night class benefits from caffeine :/ something about school makes me extremely tired, it's like just walking onto campus is a sleeping pill. even learning "fun" and "interesting" stuff like the fact that mayfly penises are shovel-shaped (today's bio lecture) doesn't perk me up.
good news, everyone!
26 October 2011 @ 02:06 pm
Things I thought for sure I'd want when I was a grown-up:
~A swingset
~A big huge trampoline
~Sneakers that light up when I walk

Things I for sure still want now that I am a grown-up:
~A swingset
~A big huge trampoline
~Sneakers that light up when I walk
good news, everyone!
22 October 2011 @ 07:56 pm
Went to Matthaei Botanical Gardens today. haven't been in awhile...i don't know why, it's gorgeous. i got stuck behind this young, incredibly good looking couple...it was like nothing i did could get me out from behind them. if i walked faster, they walked faster. if i slowed, they slowed. i began to hate them. not for anything they did. just because they looked so goddamn PERFECT for each other and were clearly having a wonderful time, and i could not get away to be lonely in peace. one time this happened to me with some suburban soccer-looking lady who was walking a dog with the largest balls i'd ever seen. i wanted to pass them somehow so i would not have to see this dog's balls swinging around in front of me, and it was NOT happening.

i saw a guy in a reindeer sweater who looked like Muammar Al-Gadaffi. NEVER FORGET

some of my earliest memories are at Matthaei. my mom loves the place. that, i guess, is one positive thing i inherited from her among a sea of negatives...we both love the outdoors. but i rarely go to Matthaei even though i live 10 minutes away now, because it's almost all woods and i'm more of an open fields kind of person. still, this time of year is absolutely perfect for walking in the woods. it was one of those days that are almost like an optical illusion -- is it fall or springtime? it could have been either. (unfortunately it's fall which means winter is coming which means SNOW and COLD and all that Michigan bullshit) it smelled so nice and the grass was still so green, but the trees are almost bare and decaying orange leaves were blowing around in the wind. perfect.

i walked for around an hour there, came home, ate something hideously unhealthy, then left to take another walk at Rolling Hills Park because that's how i roll. i like this park because of how much open space it has, but i dislike it because it is currently extremely ugly (getting better, but not quick enough to look all that beautiful before winter.) there is this expansion going on so most of the grass was torn up, there's construction equipment everywhere, etc. they sprayed fertilizer all over the dirt expanses and some of it has grown back nicely, but some of it has not, and they're doing it in patches so parts of the park always smell like fertilizer and, for some reason, kitty litter.

there is nothing important about this livejournal entry; it's just basically an illustration of what i do on days when i have no homework or classes. if i had a decent camera i would do something even less productive with my time, like start a blog where i just talk about walking in the various parks in the area and post pictures of the same. i fucking love me some parks.